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The Backstory

YETI invented the premium cooler category. Their initial niche following of hunters and fishers saw their $400 coolers as essential gear. We took their brand from a niche product with $25 million in sales, to a lifestyle brand with $800 million in sales, in just five years. This obsessively over-engineered product became a symbol for restlessness and the irresistible call of the wild.

The WILD Ones

Thumbnails of the YETI ambassadors we featured in long-form film series YETI Presents
An animated cut highlight reel of the YETI Presents films

An animated video of a car blowing up and the YETI cooler tumbling away intact.
An animated video YETI cooler getting hit with a potato
A video of fireworks exploding from a YETI cooler and the cooler remains in tact.
A video of a YETI cooler on fire

Product as Brand

An overhead shot of the packaging design for the YETI tank
An overhead photograph of the YETI Tank full of beer and ice.
Collage of cover designs in the YETI Dispatch magazine
An ode to BBQ typography print design
Collage of print designs in the YETI Dispatch magazine

A Temple for the Great Outdoors

Architectural photograph of the YETI Flagship store with pedestrians walking by and patrons on the patio.
Photograph of the neon sign design on the YETI Flagship Store
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